CE28 Cast Steel Wheel
  • Wheel Design: CE-28
  • Material: AAR C
  • Axle load: 22T
  • Applied to: American freight cars
Product sketch


Major parameters
Wheel Design Material Axle load(t) Rim Thickness Plate/Web Applied to
CE-28 AAR C 22 One wear Deep basin shape American freight cars
Technical Advantages
ABC Process
The ABC process is featured by graphite mold covered with sand cake, gate pouring, consecutive solidification, concentrated riser feed.
Low Stress Design
By employing softwares like AUTO CAD, Solidworks etc.,to design new wheels wtih low-stress. The deep basin plate/web, reduces the tendency of thermal damage caused by wheel braking, and improves the durability and safety in service.
Finite Element Analysis
Verifying wheel strengthen by adopting Anys FEA, which divided the wheel into several units, and calculate the temperature distribution, displacement, tension and stress generated from wheel braking.
Casting Simulation
Huazhu CAE casting simulation system is used to simulate and analyze the casting process.
Process Control
All information related to manufacturing of wheel is included in WIS system, which achieved the traceability of whole-process control and product quality.
Continuous Optimization
The manufacturing and inspection of wheels are always based on domestic and international standards, and continue to optimize in combination with the actual situation to produce better quality wheels.
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