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To work with unity and harmony



Quality first

Innovation as the soul

“2 Dependences”
Both Tonghe’s development and employees’ income depend on improving product quality.
“3 All-s”
Al employees, all process and all factors involved.
“3 No-s”
Not accepting, not producing and not transferring defective products.
“6 Guidelines”
Strengthen awareness of quality; perform duties and obey the rules; implement all procedures; supported by technology and equipment; all staff involved;improve quality through continuous innovation.

Founded in September 8, 2008, the labor union of Amsted Tonghe set up 7 branches with more than 500 members in it. Over the years, with the concept of “love, respect, understand, educate, cultivate and help employees”, it has been awarded many honorable titles, such as “Provincial May Day Labor Medal”, “Advanced Unit of Staff Fitness Month of Henan”, “Provincial Local Union of Six Good Performances”, “Home of Provincial Model Workers” and so on.

Amsted Tonghe insists on loving, respecting, understanding, cultivating and helping employees; over the years, it has built up a team which is able to want to, dare do and being capable to do practical things.
On the basis of fully cultivating and discovering talents, the company strives to put every talent in a position suitable for its role, and provide a broad platform for the long-term development of talents.
The talent selection principle is: morality comes first,capability second; put people in important position who is talent and virtuous; cultivate employee who has virtue but a little ability; give up someone who is neither talent nor capable.

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